Wspp LIbrary

About WSPP Library


The strength of the WSPP library is the services it provides to students and faculty. A professional Librarian is available to assist the WSPP community with its research and information needs.

The Librarian provides services such as:

Inter-library loan and INFOPASS Reference question assistance

Research direction help

Assistance with locating where materials are locally and regionally

Circulation of materials

On-line database search assistance

Do not hesitate to ask the Librarian for help!


The WSPP collection can be searched on WISCAT directions are here.

Books and Audio Visual, AV, Materials: The WSPP Library has a collection of approximately 3,500 psychology and psychology related books and AV materials. In case the WSPP Library does not own the book you need it can be obtained through inter-Library loan or InfoPass.

Browsing by Subject: Another way to find a book by subject is to use the browsing guides. WSPP uses the Library of Congress Call Numbers and subject headings. Browsing guides have been created to show call numbers and their corresponding subjects. Use the browsing guide to find out which call number represents the subject you are researching. A list has also been arranged in the reverse to show subjects and their associated call numbers. These guides are available at various locations within the WSPP Library.

Checking out and returning WSPP Library Materials

To check out a book or AV item, simply fill out the check-out card within the item’s front or back cover. Write today’s date and print your name on the card, then drop it in the blue basket on the library’s information table. Return items to the book drop in the lower level hallway; or directly to the Librarian if present. Reference books and materials placed on reserve can not be checked out of the WSPP Library.

Reserve books

Every semester books, AV materials and articles are put in the reserve shelf area for specific classes. These library materials are for the use of everyone in the class and may not be checked out while they are on reserve. Faculty members are responsible to notify the Librarian before each semester of the materials they would like put on reserve for their classes.

Journal Articles

The WSPP Library does not maintain a journal collection. WSPP does provide access to PsycINFO for its students to search for article and report abstracts with citations. PsycARTICLES is also available to WSPP students to get the full-text of APA journals. When you need the full-text of articles from journals other than APA you will have to go to other academic libraries in the Milwaukee area such as UW-Milwaukee or Marquette. The Librarian can also Inter-Library loan articles that are not locally available.

WSPP Dissertations

The WSPP Library has a partial collection of WSPP dissertations; a full collection is in the School’s office. A list of WSPP dissertations by author and subject is available from the WSPP Librarian. WSPP Dissertations may not be checked out. If the Library does not own a copy of the dissertation you want to review – it can be borrowed from the School’s collection for your review. Any WSPP student wanting a copy of a WSPP dissertation may request that a copy be made for them – the student will be charged for copying costs(¢.05 per page).

Writing a Dissertation or class paper

There is a section in the WSPP Library’s reference section for books on writing dissertations and reports. This section also has grammar and research guides. There are WSPP Guidelines available for writing your dissertation. The WSPP Librarian is always available to help with the various aspects of researching your dissertation.

WSPP Student ID

In order to get a borrowing card or in some cases to use an InfoPass you will need to have a WSPP Student ID. Students can get a card from an Administrative Assistant, who will fill out the card with the necessary information. New students will have their pictures taken at WSPP during the first part of a new semester, then Student ID cards will be processed and given to students.