Practicum Sites

WSPP utilizes the facilities of a variety of community resources for practicum placements. This list is frequently updated, allowing students to choose from a variety of clinical placements. These include hospitals, clinics, and schools where WSPP students and faculty provide consultation, individual, group and family therapy, and psychological assessment.

Students may have done practicum work in a Master’s degree program prior to admission to WSPP. Upon student request, these hours will be evaluated by the Practicum and Internship Committee and if they meet relevant criteria, may be credited toward required WSPP practicum training. In no case, however, will more than 400 previously completed practicum hours be credited toward WSPP requirements.

Sample of WSPP Practicum Placements

WSPP Collaborating Agency Description of Agency's Services
Milwaukee College Preparatory School A private, inner-city school with nearly 100% African American enrollment. MCPS is noted for its emphasis on high academic standards and personal responsibility.
Milwaukee Public Schools Large, public educational system serving students in grades K-12. WSPP students assist in educational evaluations for students with special needs.
Milwaukee V. A. Hospital Social skills training with veterans having chronic and persistent mental illness.