WSPP dissertations are available for inter-library loan or copies may be purchased.

Requests for WSPP dissertations must come from a library.

Individuals who want a copy or loan of a WSPP dissertation must go through either their University library or their local public library. Requests coming directly from individuals will not be honored.

We accept faxed requests (414-763-1775) or emailed requests at (Dougherty.Rebecca@WSPP.edu). An ALA form is preferred but a request with complete information will be honored. Please give us as much information on the dissertation that you can, author and title are most important. Most WSPP dissertations are indexed in PsycINFO.

Cost is $15.00 for a loan and $25.00 for a copy. An invoice will be enclosed when the dissertation is mailed out. Loans are for 4 weeks and can be renewed once for an additional two weeks.