Alumni/Student Leaders

"At WSPP, I had many experienced supervisors and advisors who helped me to develop not only my clinical skills, but also to find my identity as a professional in the field. I also made long-lasting friendships and developed a sense of purpose with which I conduct myself now as a clinical psychologist.  With a diverse array of clinical experiences and the stellar reputation of WSPP, I had no difficulty securing an APA-accredited internship upon completion of my coursework.  After graduation, I returned to WSPP for post-doctoral mentorship in teaching and supervision, and became part of an outpatient clinic run by WSPP alumni. Those individuals who were once my classroom professors, academic advisors, and clinical training supervisors welcomed me into new relationships of both colleague and friend.  Now, as a faculty member, I look forward to watching the growth and success of the students that I have the privilege to teach and supervise."

Dr. Mary Neff 
Psy.D., 2014

"The School’s doctoral program is a rigorous one, but one that prepares students to meet the challenges, demands, and needs of a growing diverse population.  My knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for the human experience and my desire to understand and help others have been honed and shaped by the expert training, the broad range of clinical experiences, and the relationships I have established with the professors at WSPP, which have proven to be pivotal to my professional and personal development.

Guidance and supervision in academic and clinical matters are to be expected from a graduate program faculty. But, what was not expected was the support I received from the first day of the first semester until now, well after graduation. My friends and colleagues from other graduate programs have shared countless stories of how members of their dissertation committees were missing in action or had not read their work, eventually delaying the stressful process.  However, my dissertation experience was very different because each member of my committee was completely engaged and dedicated to the process. My committee also encouraged me to do something I had never done before --- present my work at the Wisconsin Psychological Association Conference."

Dr. Michelle Mirhoseini
Psy.D. WSPP, 2014

"I immigrated to the US from China at age 7 and had a very difficult time adjusting, especially to academic settings where I never quite felt I belonged. Now, having completed my degree at WSPP, I truly feel that the mentoring opportunities I received were the best I have ever experienced. Not only did I feel valued as an individual and accepted as a student, I felt for the first time a genuine sense of belongingness that had never happened for me in an academic setting before. No words can express my gratitude to the faculty of WSPP for their support and it is my sincerest hope that other prospective students would experience what I have here. In my opinion, one cannot put a price on such rich, transformative, and deeply meaningful experiences."

Dr. Wayne Chen
Psy.D. 2013