2019-2020 Student Fee Schedule

Type of Fee Fee Amount
Materials Fee $50.00 per Assessment Class
Technology Fee $250.00
Official Transcript $10.00 each
Application $75.00
Photocopy/Printing $0.05 per copy above the allotted 500 copies per semester (including summer)
Diversity Seminar $15.00 each (at least 1 required to attend internship)
Ethics Seminar $15.00 each (at least 3 required to attend internship)
Continuing Enrollment $250.00 per semester (summer exempt) to stay active when not taking any WSPP classes.
Late Fees $50.00 per week of late payment of tuition;
$50.00 for late class registration or not registering at all
$10.00 for a class registration change after due date
Lost Key $15.00 if lost or not returned
Graduation $150 (whether you attend or not) includes gown rental
Doctoral Examination $50.00 Preliminary Exam; $25.00 for each section
$250.00 New format - Comprehensive Exam (DCE); $125.00 per section repeated
$150.00 Old format – Comprehensive Exam (DCE); $30.00 per section repeated
Professional Activity Fees* $35.00 Malpractice/Liability Insurance per year
$50.00 Provider Background Check; $30.00 annual renewal
Returned Check $50.00 for any check returned or payment denial
Class Withdrawal Refunds 100% of tuition paid for any course prior to first scheduled class
80% of tuition paid if after first class but before second
60% of tuition paid if after second but before fourth
None of tuition paid if after fourth class
Dissertation* $195.00 for binding and publishing for a minimum of 2 copies; $50.00 per additional copy
Internship Application** $700.00 APPIC Matching (paid to APPIC not WSPP)

All fees are subject to change with public notification.

*Estimated – the actual amount will vary by individual and specific circumstances

**Estimated (Average) – the actual amount will vary by the number of internship sites to which a student applies