Entry Requirements

The basic requirement for admission to WSPP is a Bachelor’s Degree from a regionally accredited school or university with a major in Psychology or a related field. The school recognizes that different undergraduate programs have varying requirements for psychology majors. Therefore, our Admissions Committee has set specific course requirements as prerequisites to our program. All students applying to WSPP must have completed the following undergraduate courses:

Ψ Introduction to Psychology

Ψ  Statistics

Ψ Research Methods and Design

Ψ Developmental Psychology

Ψ Abnormal Psychology

Students lacking any of these courses will be asked to complete them at an undergraduate institution before entering the program.

WSPP welcomes students with Master’s Degrees in psychology and related mental health fields. Some graduate coursework may qualify for transfer credit. In addition, practicum requirements may be reduced based on supervised clinical work. Please review details of Transfer of Course and Practicum Credit under Program Requirements.