Degrees Offered

Psy. D. (Doctor of Psychology)

WSPP offers the Psy.D. degree with areas of specialization in either Child or Adult Clinical Psychology. The degree is based on a five year full-time course of studies beyond the Bachelor’s degree. The first four years involve academic and practicum course work while the fifth year is taken up by a full-time clinical internship and dissertation.

M.S. (Master’s of Science in Clinical Psychology)

After completion of the required coursework and practicum experience, students who pass the Preliminary Examination are awarded the M.S. degree in clinical psychology. As it is expected that all admitted students will attain the Psy.D., the awarding of a terminal M.S. degree is discouraged, but may be done if students are not prepared to move on to doctoral work.

Forensic Sequence

In the Summer of 2004, WSPP began offering a four (4)-course sequence in forensic psychology designed to acquaint students with the ways in which clinical psychologists can use their skills to assist the court system. Taught by WSPP faculty who are nationally known as expert forensic psychologists, these courses will provide students with a foundation upon which to build a professional forensic psychology practice. The four courses in the forensic sequence are:

#786 Introduction to Forensic Psychology

#787 Civil Forensic Psychology

#788 Criminal Forensic Psychology

#789 Advanced Seminar in Forensic Psychology

Health Psychology Requirement

To prepare students for the field’s recent emphasis on the integration of clinical psychology into primary care settings, WSPP has begun requiring all students to take one of three health psychology courses. These  three courses are:

#791HP  Integrated Practice

#792HP  Psychopharmacology

#795HP  Neuropsychology