Goals & Objectives

The doctoral program in clinical psychology at WSPP is organized around principles inspired by the Vail Conference, but also reflects some values (e.g. personalized mentorship relationships) unique to our identity as a small, independent, non-profit graduate program. The application of these principles to a diverse clinical population through the integration of didactic, practicum, and service experiences in the context of personalized, mentorship relationships characterizes the essence of our approach to graduate training.

Specific goals and objectives emphasized in our training program are:

Goal 1:  Students will demonstrate understanding of the foundations of scientific psychology.

Objective 1.a:  Students will demonstrate understanding of the foundations of behavior.

Objective 1.b:  Students will demonstrate understanding of the scientific, methodological, and theoretical foundations of practice in clinical psychology

Goal 2:  Students will possess effective intra- and interpersonal qualities, including self-awareness, appropriate relationships and respect for diversity.

Objective 2.a:  Students will demonstrate awareness of the personal attributes they bring to their professional work.

Objective 2.b:  Students will engage in effective interpersonal relationships.

Objective 2.c:  Students will develop knowledge of diversity issues and their relevance to clinical practice.

Goal 3:  Students will be competent in basic clinical areas of assessment, intervention and the integration of research and clinical activities.

Objective 3.a:  Students will be competent in assessment.

Objective 3.b:  Students will be competent in intervention.

Objective 3.c:  Students will be competent in understanding research concepts and applying them to clinical issues.

Goal 4:  Students will be competent and ethical in their roles as professionals, including consultation, management, and supervision.

Objective 4.a:  Students will be ethical professionals.

Objective 4.b:  Students will be competent in consultation.

Objective 4.c:  Students will be competent in management.

Objective 4.d:  Students will be competent in supervision.

Goal 5:  Students will be socially responsible professionals who understand the needs of disenfranchised groups.

Objective 5.a:  Students will use their professional skills for community service